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Corruption game guide

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The Corruption Within is a short point and click adventure featuring ten Steam achievements. Thanks to Hanni for this great walkthrough. I will be covering gameplay basics, random tips, unlockables and secrets in this game. Here is a full walkthrough and guide for Who Stole My Beard? The Official guide to beating the game and getting the best ending. All achievements and routes guide. Spoiler Warning! This guide based on the steam r18 version 1. Note: Free r18 patch can be Introduction The Corruption Within is a short point and click adventure featuring ten Steam achievements.

Walkthrough Knock on the door. Go to the right twice, then up. Knock on the door again. Interact with the green sofa three times. Go to the right four times. Take the green hose hidden in the bottom right corner. Now, go to the left three times and talk to the butler.

Walkthrough for corruption

Go to the left four times and try to take the bottle of whiskey. Talk to Francesca, the kitchen maid.

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Pick up the bottle of whiskey. Go to the right and talk to Molly. Head back to the butler and interact with the stairs multiple times. Talk to the butler, then go up twice. Head to the right-most door and interact with the painting twice. Enter the room ahead and interact with the chest of drawers twice. Go downstairs, then to the left. Outside again, go to the right and interact with the shed door twice.

Corruption game walkthrough & guide

Go to the right, up, then to the right three times. Examine the purple plant in front of the abandonded house to find a screwdriver. Go to the right, open your inventory MMB and use the spanner on the mortar. Go to the left three times, then down. Back in the mansion, enter the first floor.

Find a book in the desk on the left. Try to access the second floor again.

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Now, go left twice and up once. Talk to Charlotte. Enter the next room on the left. Head to the right four times and enter the room ahead.

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Talk to Charles. Leave and go to the right. Examine the console table twice to find some matches. Go up and talk to Penelope. Go downstairs and talk to the Isabelle in the music room. Now, go to the right and talk to the servant. Backtrack to the old barn. Talk to Gary. Enter the mansion again and head to the left three times, then go up. Pick up the magnifying glass. Leave and go to the second floor.

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Enter the second room on the left and examine the footlocker six times. Use the maginfying glass on the painting. Leave and enter again. Outside the room, interact with the green console table three times.

Corruption walkthough and guide

Click on the buttons in this order: At the lake, use the rune book on the yellow pillar. Code: Back in the mansion, head to the second floor, then enter the right-most room. Talk to Giles, then head outside and backtrack to the hanging body. Go up and use the iron key on the rock face.

The corruption within walkthrough (% achievement guide)

Enter the mansion, then go to the right twice and pick up the oil lamp. Back in the cave behind the hanging body, go up.

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Interact with the bones on the left three times to find a locket. Enter the mansion again. Talk to everyone downstairs. Head to the second floor and interact with the vase on the very right. Go to the right and use the nail file on the pulpit. Inspect the pulpit. Talk to the Gary in the dining room downstairs. Head back to the second floor, then try to go to the left.

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Now, go to the first floor and enter the right-most room. Use the screwdriver on the musical box.

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Open your inventory and use the bedroom key on the door in front of you. Use the wire and the hose on the wagon. Interact with the shallow waters and take the wallet on the left. Back in the mansion, talk to everyone downstairs. Head to the second floor and talk to Penelope. Backtrack to the room and inspect the mirror twice. Talk to Isabelle in the music room downstairs. Go to the second floor, then to the left.

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Enter the room in front of you. Interact with the dresser to open a secret room. Go to the right and interact with the chest twice. Leave and enter the bedroom on the very right. Talk to Giles. Now, enter the room on the very left. Head to the kitchen and talk to Francesca.