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Our next update will focus on the first main girl Phoebe as well as the first of the games major dungeons!

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Name: Jaclyn
Age: 33
Hair: Luxuriant white hair
I like to drink: Champagne

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Select a membership level. With the "Partner" tier, you will: Be able to see the uncensored versions of art posted on the Patreon feed.

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Access to the battle sprites and HD. Access to the Con-Quest Discord chat. Start the game with 3 free "Spooky Coins" used at the gachapon machine. Show more. Receive a special Patreon-version of the game that slightly increases the chance of encountering the ultra-rare cosplayer.

Receive early access to the next Con-Quest release, as all 'Patreon-versions' of Con-Quest versions and episodes will be released before the public version. With the "Capitalist" tier, you will: Receive the benefits of both tiers. Receive a different Patreon-version of the game that further increases the chance of encountering the ultra-rare cosplayer.

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Reveal the shopkeeper's topless form in the shop menu. Topless character portraits for select cosplayers! Access to the whole of the Con-Quest's reward images in HD. About Cuddle Pit. Click the button for the latest Patreon version!

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We'll begin seeking additional help for Con-Quest. This will allow us to increase the quality and scope of the project overall.

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Become a patron to Recent posts by Cuddle Pit. How it works. Choose a membership.

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Add a payment method. Patreon logo.

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