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Erotic mind control games

Bound by Lust — Version 0. Increase your stats and build strong relati

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Five years ago, demon king is defeated by hero but demon demon soul run away. Now the demon soul has find a new host.

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Description What happens when your stalker can dreams? Ever since she foresaw the death of her parents, Wren has suppressed her latent psychic abilities. Avoiding strong emotions, Wren le a placid but lonely life until her quiet is shattered by her sister Abby going missing Derek Chapman isn't what Wren expects.

He's young, handsome, and immediately protective of her.

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Wren is attracted to him right away, but fears that deepening any connection with Derek-emotional, spiritual, or sexual-will open the floodgates locked in her mind. A mystery man appears in Wren's dreams, dealing pain and pleasure.

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Is Wren's subconscious warning her away from Derek, or longing for him? When the search for Abby le to a secret sex club, it seems fate is pulling Wren into Derek's arms, whether she is ready or not. It's great.

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You'll be riveted to your seat until you finish the story. Reading this book will draw you into a world of telepathy and mental control that will change any prior beliefs you had in such abilities.

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Wren and Derek are a couple that are aligned in ways that are unheard of. To say they clicked is an understatement.

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The plot is suspenseful and gripping. The reader is taken along a path with twists and turns and unexpected events that lead to a stunning conclusion. Tan weaves a wonderful story of love, risk and leaps of faith that are unparalleled in the world of romantic suspense. The writing is crisp and concise with characters any reader can easily identify with. The point of view never jumps, and the scenes are well described and packed with delicious adjectives.

Hypnosis game (an erotic hypnosis romance novella)

Writing premonitions, visions or even telepathy is a challenge for any author while maintaining the story flow and not confusing the reader. Mind Games pulls this off beautifully. Tan is going to blow readers away with Mind Games! Superb from beginning to end, I discovered new faith in the paranormal erotica genre.

Fans of Ms. Tan's erotica will rejoice at her venture into the paranormal world. This was such a treat for me I certainly hope this won't be Ms. Tan's only foray into the paranormal world because Mind Games is definitely an all out hit!

Mind control

I would love to read a sequel to see what more trouble Wren and Derek can get into. Product Details Price. Earn money by sharing your favorite books through our Affiliate program. Become an affiliate.

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Her career in erotic writing spans over 25 years and includes short story collections, novels, web serials, and creative nonfiction. She is the founder of Circlet Press and a longtime alternative sexuality activist and educator.

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