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Furry games patreon

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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Because a few big name furry patreons right now are currently doing this, not gonna name any names, but they're aware they're doing it and have no guilt from doing it.

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Collaboration or otherwise. You've got to spend it yourself before people are willing to give you loans. No examples?

Patron access for uncommon breed (a furry rpg / dating sim)

No money for them. Are they super late with commission furry games patreon People who are serious about their projects would be willing to go a while without pay for their work if only to show they have the dedication to make it. This is super skeevy, scammy, and unethical. Patreons considers all money earned to be taxable, and reports earnings to the IRS. Some Watcher link parent.

NamelessImp Some kinda artsy imp thing link parent. Those take huge chunks out of peoples' time where they could be working or doing commissions instead. So I totally understand it being a method for people to make games who otherwise wouldn't look at Undertale. The problem is exactly like what Trunch is saying, where people are unfortunately getting fucked over because many people take advantage of others or just think it up on a whim and then lose drive or decide they don't want to do it.

It's just sad to see people get their hopes up or be taken advantage of.

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I think oftentimes people don't look at patreon the same as they do with the same scrutiny as finding an artist to commission, which sets up a bad precedent to be disappointed. I totally agree about big companies, though. Like come on, you have the budget to do it and are really just taking advantage of people because how the gaming industry has been tweaked with all this pre-order, prepaid, DLC exclusive material.

If you're a big company, your product should pay for itself and prove itself through its finished products. But then, I guess people are entitled to spend money how they wish, so it's none of my business. Bendzz Photographer link parent.

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Some of these are hilarious. But this one near the all-time top has been released and actually has great reviews on Amazon. Wow you're a negative person. Thank god you can't actually affect anything. I'm going to walk away now, bye. Yeah you're real fucking positive. And apparently blind to it, too. I'm out. I am not a professional game developer, but from what I can read gaming with high budgets work on promotion and investors. Since it can take between 2 and 4 years before a game is done, it is important to get the funds to keep people working on it during furry games patreon time.

I am not talkin about Patreon or even Kickstarter. It is not uncommon that a game developer would create a demo, something that shows the bare minimum of the features, the engine and goals they have in mind. If the investors feel that this has value, they will agree to a contract. I guess it isn't that far away from how a pitch with des works.

It is relatively common, with software, construction, movies etc. Anything that takes years to finish. The problem with it is, that investors are easily scared away if your project deems to risky or simply not worth it. One of the reasons why so many game companies, the bigger ones, play it save.

Creating the same kind of content and games over and over again, because they know they might sell. That's where independed developers and kicks starter come in to play, as they have often the chance to work on something that is simply not the "mainstream" or only serving a niche.

There is room for both approaches.

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You just have to know who you chose, as Trunch said, look at the track records, how far their project is and so on. Don't get me wrong, it's not so much that I disagree with you! But at lest as far as games goes, Kickstarter can lead to a lot of very cool projects that would otherwise never be made, simply because you can't get any of the publishers interested for it. Take Inixiles Wasteland 2, and their newest project Planescape Numenera.

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Obsidian, one of the bigger game developers, even made Pillars of Eternity. There are also many other projects that saw the light. Like a Shadowrun game. Kickstarter is for some of those projects, a very good thing. All I am saying is, it's really not all just doom and gloom .

With Kickstater the players are the investors, and of course, that means, you have to chose your projects wisely! But you always know what you're geting your self in to, if you decide to spend the money. I just feel you should not outright dismiss all possibilities.

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There are worse things to spend your money on. You are afterall not forced to give them your money, as you could simply buy the games as well, after they are finished. As far as Patreon goes, I can't say that I like it.

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I feel to many start to use it like a paywall. Hence why I chose not to support it. But that's my opinion. Very informative. I will admit been very cautious about giving money to anyone on patreon. I've seen many just shut down because they felt they weren't getting enough and anyone that paid them before was just SOL. Thanks Trunchbull, good to see someone giving people a very detailed look on how to watch out for bad furry game devs.

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Seiyu Animal link. Duplicatename Digital Artist link. I remember back in the day most people tended to make their own games without the use of someone else's money, and using their own money and experience. So, if I make my own game I hopefully need to use these funding "programs. Thanks for the info, I think there's a youtuber I'm going to cancel on because there progression seems much too slow. I've always been weary. I'd never start a pratreon myself because I know my work speed is slow, I will always do it but takes time so I in good conscience do that too people and fellow furs, should be helping and not exploiting.

Familiarsaint Character Collector link. Pretty much my exact thoughts. I think the abuse of patreon is kind of killing furry games patreon whole art community we have going. Like its a premium service to be a furry now.

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PommyN64 Watcher link. The next dumbest thing to have pervaded the furry fandom since the concept of paying the artist in full before they've even done a lick of work on your commission. Familiarsaint Character Collector link parent. I understand paying before, artists get screwed a lot. XD then again I've gotten screwed too waiting years on commissions.

Runt Digital Artist link parent. That is because no other service industry has clients that won't pay even when you do the work. Kanevex Digital Artist link parent. PommyN64 Watcher link parent. We have an Artists Beware community, how hard is it for artists to keep each other informed via a Commissioner Beware list? They already collaborate frequently. A third party community on livejournal? Sadly fact is furry has a lot of douchebags in it still and i support people protecting their livelihood, if selling art is what is going to pay your bills at the end of the month then yeah i'm not surprised you want me to pay up front for the whatever i want.

Actualy, look at resteruants, Dine and dashers. Than you have cleaning services and people do not pay the cleaner. Go back in time and look at new paper delivery. Paperboys would st times have a hard time collecting money from people on furry games patreon route. So no not being paid for services rendered is not limited to artists.