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Negligee game endings

This guide will help you complete all routes for all 3 heroines.

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The game was released on October on the Steam store and January on the Nutaku store. A story of love and lingerie as you are thrust into the role as manager of the underwear shop 'Negligee'.

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Home News Guides Cosplay Games. Welcome to the Negligee Love stories walkthrough. This guide will show you how to get all the endings and achievements for all of the 4 stories. Before you look, I will advice you to first try for yourself, discovering the right combo of choices is part of the fun!

Karen Here is the guide to get Karen's 3 endings. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Change language. Install Steam.

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Store. Negligee Store .

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It is only visible to you. A Giver. What sex toys do you like? Maybe Charlotte. Also it le to a very ecchi scene right at the beginning of the game Ending 3 - Jasmin Betrayal. Kiss him Back. Her route was one that i completely missed my first few playthrough's Negligee all endings showed up right when i was wondering "wait wasn't there a third girl in this game?

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Push for information. Lace Babydoll Outfit. Hope the guide will help.

Negligee: love stories – how to get all endings and achievements

Do you really hate each other? In the game, you will be able to unlock many different achievements and endings by selecting particular responses. There are a total of ten different endings present in the game. Below you will find a guide on how to get all the ten endings. To get this ending you will need to do the opposite of ending 1. To get this ending you will need to select all good and positive responses. To get this ending you will need to be skeptical and choose responses which will create questions. This item is incompatible with Negligee. Please see the instructions for reasons why this item might not work within Negligee.

Negligee all endings. negligee all endings/achievements/pictures

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Created by. WizardWorgen Last Online 30 days ago. Guide Index. First Choice. Harem Route!!!!! Negligee God Achievement. Ending thoughts. This is a guide to all romance options in Negligee, but before we begin it is important to know how the first choice affects the story. You are given the option continue looking for theor Examine the letter, and phone.

If you Look for the Hannah quickly finds the help wantedand puts it outside early enough for Charlotte to see it, and apply for the position. If you Examine the letter, and phone you miss out on Charlotte showing up in the story, but it actually makes the other two Romance options much easier to complete as there are less choices, which means less chances to make a mistake.

Also it le to a Negligee all endings ecchi scene right at the beginning of the game Dharker Studios The Harem route however must be done negligee game endings the route with Charlotte, and you must complete all the other girls good route's to unlock it.

You sales person you. Lol Back to the route: -Basic Lingerie -Do you really hate each other?

Negligee walkthrough (dharker studio)

Charlotte Route -Continue looking for the s -Let it go -What attracted you to work here? Lol Back to the guide: -Basic Lingerie -Do you really hate each other? Her route was one that i completely missed my first few playthrough's and showed up right when i was wondering Simcity scurk wasn't there a third girl in this game?

This is also an important route for the Harem route which we will go over now. But seriously i spent hours!!!! I guess i should thank Dharker studios for the challenge, but at this point I'm negligee game endings to tired. So All credit to this find goes to Steam user Base who answered all our prayers on the harem ending discussion on steam created by Steam user Queen Elizabeth Warspite awsome name by the way which I recommend you all look at as you can witness all of us pulling our hair out trying to get this ending. Hahaha Harem Route: Allright first things first to unlock this route you MUST Starfleet command mobile all other three good endings, gaining there love as well.

Also if its in a Social skills songs store, just what kind of roleplay goes with a witch costume? Who knows maybe the best kind. Dharker explains that to achieve this route you had to get equal Rms olympic construction started from all the girls, and at the end pick the three correct lingerie in the correct order. Sadly the reward does not match the difficulty as there is no harem ecchi scene that follows: but i still got those achievements. I am adding this section because it seems people are having trouble getting the Negligee God Achievement.

Not just from the comments i've seen but at the global achievements for this game. All routes good, and bad must be Best phone for pounds to become a Negligee God. I really enjoyed this game, and Dharker studios has become one of my favriote developers.

However frustrating i did negligee game endings the fact the Dharker chose to make the harem ending unreasonably precise, and difficult Hahaha Thanks for reading, and i hope this guide helped. If there are any mistakes, or something i missed i will definitely update to fix it. Thanks again and hopefully I will see you in the next Dharker studios game. I think its the magic highschool one thats a sequel to High school romance. That is going to be fun.

Negligee: love stories game walkthrough and endings guide

I got fired again and after reading, I decided to check, It seems though I had completed Sophie Good, it didn't have her Love. DigiWolf 29 Oct, am. Hi man! I wouldn't have got to the harem ending or the very good Sophie ending without this.

Too many choices to systematically try them all by myself. This difficulty makes me raise my vote on vndb from 6 to 7. Thjank you for the guide! La Patata Enmascarada 2 Jun, am. Thanks for the great guide, pal.

Cavaleiro de Gaia 31 May, am. Negligee game endings guide was awesome! I was struggling to get sophie's good ending and the harem ending. Just a note to anyone having trouble with the God Achievement: if you don't get the harem ending the LAST, you won't get it! If you get the harem ending and afterwards get any other one, despite having all achievs, you wont Negligee all endings the God one.

Sasumi 23 Mar, pm. How I do I get Charlotte in the game? Share to your Steam activity feed. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. By I'm DJ Golden. Welcome to the Negligee walkthrough, this walkthrough assumes you have not completed any of the good routes to the game, if you play this through it will unlock every ending, in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

It will also unlock every CG scene in the game as well as the. It will also unlock every CG scene in the game as well as the epilogues. in. Watch Queue Queue. Witch Costume. Add comment.