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This research, using online qualitative survey questions, explored how players of the PlayStation 4 console game, Horizon Zero Dawnformed emotional attachments to characters while playing as, and assuming the persona of the female player-character, Aloy.

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Originally released in Japan inPersona 5 earned itself a place as one of the best JRPGs of the last decade and for many gamers, it is one of the greatest in the genre. The Persona series is a spin-off from the mothership Shin Megami Tensei series. While it maintains many of the same themes from the mainline series, the Persona games implement visual novel and dating sim mechanics. The SMT series is often associated with its difficulty which can be off-putting for many gamers. Though the Persona games are still challenging in their own right, they are far more accessible.

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Persona 5 brought new eyes to the series and helped the Persona franchise pass the landmark of 15 million total sales. Persona 6 is inevitable, right? Is it in development yet? More importantly, when might it be released?

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While Persona 6 is a certainty, it will likely be ificantly different from its modern predecessors. After completing development on Persona 5the quartet took other members of the Persona team with them to found the studio Lab Zero.

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In DecemberDaiki Ito a director on the Persona franchise team said that there were voices in the company looking to do something new. It sounds like Persona 6 will be a new start for the franchise.

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In JulyAltus produced the first tease for Persona 6. These goodies included pictures of all the main Persona game covers and protagonists. The items have a ship date of September 18,and according to Atlus, the first announcement is coming in September Persona 6 has yet to be officially announced.

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Unfortunately, we live in a world we games are usually announced before they get trailers. But we might see a video teaser before the end of Ever since Persona 3 Portable came to PSP, adding the possibility to replay the game as a girl and romance all the boys, fans have wanted to see the series repeat the trick.

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Even though a vocal community of Persona fans loves the idea of a female main character, Atlus seems to have moved away from this approach to expansions of its most recent games. Most likely, Persona 6 will be set in Japan, among a group of high school students.

Persona 25th anniversary site offers tantalizing teases of numerous new projects

Your silent protagonist will be a new transfer student with a mysterious past that literally everyone in the community is mysteriously drawn to. This article was originally published on Just Lunning. Updated: 7.

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Originally Published: When is the Persona 6 release date? Art from Project Re: Fantasy Atlus.

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All the modern Persona protagonists. Related Tags Video Games.

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