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Redheads in the dark game

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a darling game for all the right reasons: Sweeping landscapes, airtight controls, captivating story and a fiery redhead huntress to tie it all together. Well, those and the sheer amount of alien ass she kicked.

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I don't know why I was ased this feature. My hair is brown. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

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Halloween flash of !

I didn't get voices in time, so I just kept it all without sound. I might update it later with sounds, if I ever get 'em! Anyway, I made a sequel to A Blonde in the Dark, as the title suggests.

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I tried to work further with the story parts in the flash, so my focus might've been more on that rather than on sexy stuff. It's a fun little thing though, ya can play through most of it without being all too bothered with the story if you wish to.

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But for those who are, there's a bit more to discover, perhaps! Happy spooksday!

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Your comment:. Remember me!

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Flash movie: Rock Candy [Redhe in the Dark]. Rock Candy [Redhe in the Dark] views. Rating: 3. ed 31st of October - Download.

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Some fan person. Just stop wrote:.

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Cy wrote:. Donnie wrote:.

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Reply to this comment. Just stop 3rd of April - Strangest wrote:.

Red alert!

Dat guy wrote:. Got both endings, the cumshots is obviously a joke. With both of them in the first scene you click on the pliers, then the tape, then the crack in the wood directly next to the tape to get either one to mention the Yo!. In Sophie's scene you just have to find look at the far left stalag-whatever at the top of the screen and click the one that's the SECOND closest to the ground.

If you clicked any other part of it than you messed up and have to restart. From that all you have to do is click the Y and! Crosstail's has more stuff, the order doesn't matter. Click the demon on the fence, the blue tree to the left, and the single TOOTH of the bunny statue on the right. You'll know it's the tooth if when the tiny rectangle is the only thing highlighted.

The bunny statue's eye will turn red, then you click it.

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Now, just click the twig, the fruit, and whatever the fuck came out of the statue to see the Yo!. End the scene. You're welcome. ElectricTitan wrote:.

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Anonymous 11th of December - Kozy 5th of July - I like this concept a lot, I hope there will be more like this in the future. ElectricTitan 25th of January - Cy 29th of December - Nitro Dash 18th of November - Nitro Dash wrote:.

Nitro Dash 22nd of September - Strangest 22nd of August - PrismaticHell 30th of July - Donnie 24th of July -